Effective Treatment for Tennis Elbow presented at Hand Surgeons’ meeting

A controlled clinical trial showing the effectiveness of Astym treatment for tennis elbow was presented at the American Society for Surgery of the Hand’s annual meeting.  The study showed that Astym treatment was an effective tennis elbow therapy by resolving 78.3% of chronic lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) cases.  This figure is consistent with the 80.9% resolution rate for chronic lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) that was contemporaneously reported in the national outcomes database for Astym treatment.  This correlation demonstrates the reliability of the Astym outcomes database.  To access the Astym database and see a full listing of diagnoses and results of Astym treatment, including results for tendonitis pain relief, click here:  http://www.astym.com/upload/pdf/Astym%20Outcome%20Reports.pdf

Astym treatment is a regenerative therapy provided by specially trained (and certified) physical and occupational therapists.  Instruments are applied topically (on top of the skin) to locate dysfunctional (unhealthy) soft tissue, and to transfer pressure and shear forces to the underlying soft tissue structures.  The protocols, the force, and direction of the treatment induce a healing/regenerative response in tendons, muscles, and other soft tissue structures.  Astym treatment stimulates tissue turnover, scar tissue resorption, and the regeneration of tendons, muscles and other soft tissue structures. Therapy is typically provided twice weekly for three to four weeks and is done in conjunction with eccentric loading, stretching, and functional exercises.

Below is a copy of the abstract for the Astym controlled clinical trial that was presented at the national American Society for Surgery of the Hand’s annual meeting.  The trial shows that Astym treatment is a highly effective treatment to relieve tennis elbow pain and restore function.  The full roster containing all the abstracts from that meeting can be found by clicking here:

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