Runner’s Relief from IT Band Syndrome

I started experiencing pain along the outside of my right knee and a tightness that prevented me from running downhill on one of my trail runs. The pain reoccurred every time I attempted to run in the following weeks. Rest, ice, and stretching were my first approach to healing from this injury that came on out of the blue. My next attempt at running led to frustration and disappointment as the pain and tightness were still there! I did some research on IT Band Syndrome and determined that was my problem. Everything I read stated that rest and stretching were the recommended treatments, but complete healing would take weeks! Not willing to wait weeks, my physician recommended physical therapy and she even informed me about Astym. After a thorough evaluation by the therapist, I decided to give Astym a try. The first treatment gave me some relief from the tightness around my knee and it gave me hope that I wouldn’t be sidelined by this injury for weeks. The improvement in my leg after the next couple treatments was amazing and I could run again with little or no pain and tightness. Astym allowed me to continue running through out the course of the treatment. My experience with Astym was positive and successful. Happy Running!

Name: Sarah R
Astym Relation: Runner
City: Ellenboro
State: West Virginia
Clinic: Mountain River Physical Therapy, Ellenboro, West Virginia  Website:

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  1. Good to know. I am suffering from IT Band Syndrome. I just had my first ASTYM treatment yesterday. I previously tried the RICE method (icing, rest, ibuprofen..). RICE has not been working the past few weeks. One day, I can run 15 miles and the next day it hurts running 4 miles. I hope that this works. I have another two treatments next week.

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