On My Way to ‘Normal’ Astym is working on my achilles, ankle and foot.

I hurt my achilles in a fall back in November and went through 1 round of traditional PT, then an MRI where I found out that I had a lot more going on then just the achilles problem. I had, at some point in my life, broken a heel spur off, sprained my ankle badly and had arthritis and a lot of scar tissue. I then went back for more traditional PT. Then a foot specialist looked at my ankle and decided that a boot and this new treatment called Astym might be something that would be helpful. I started at the end of April or first part of May this year and there was so much damage that it took several treatments in order for it to start healing. Now, 6 weeks into treatment, 2x’s a week, I am almost walking normal. Some days there is still swelling and pain but that is only when I do too much. I have already referred a friend to my therapist and she started yesterday. This treatment is not fun at the beginning but it is so worth it!!!! If you have the chance – take it.

Name: Karen Columbus, Ohio
Clinic: Accelarated Therapy Columbus, Ohio, website: www.acceleratedrehab.com

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