A double header: Astym is helping me recover from a major car accident

A double head-on collision 18 years ago took away my freedom of movement. A hip replacement on 3/19/12 gave me the opportunity to re-gain mobility, but the 18 year old atrophied muscles were still a road block. I started physical therapy mid-April and was introduced to Astym. It’s a very intense method, with the best results I have ever experienced. I did previous PT years ago, did stretching exercises and work outs, had professional manipulation through chiropractic care; and nothing resolved my issue. Goddard Orthopedic Sports Therapy used this method for 6 weeks and they got me ready and walking through Switzerland 8 weeks after surgery. There was a noticeable change within a week, but I came to them with a walker and was in Switzerland with a cane weeks later. My range of motion has improved to the point that I can cross my legs, walk up and down stairs leg over leg instead of one leg at a time, walk without a limp, and feel muscles working in this leg that have been dormant for 18 years. This has been a miracle for me. I never believed these muscles would work again. I may have been given a new hip but Astym and Goddard PT have given me the muscles to use it.

Name: Cheryl, Flower Mound, Texas
Clinic: Goddard Orthopedic Sports Therapy, Coppell, TX, Website:  www.gosportstherapy.com

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