Instability of Knee: Astym helped me

I suffered from Patellofemoral Syndrome. The problem has limited me for about 6 mo. to a year. I was having instability in my knee and some pain. I realized that I needed to get some help when I tried exercising to a video and riding bike. My knee would feel very weak. My Doctor recommended that I start physical therapy. After only 4 treatments and of course my continued work at home I started to see a difference. Now that I have completed Astym my knee is much stronger and I do not feel any weakness after exercising. Even during my normal daily routine my knee does not ache any more. I have to thank my great Therapist for using this program. It truly worked for me.

Trudi, recreational athlete
Readlyn, IA
Clinic: Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers, Waterloo, IA, Website:

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