Ouchy knees – Astym got rid of my pain

After running my second half marathon in 10/2010, I suffered a fractured knee and walked the remaining 4 miles. I had several visits with Dr. Larkin at St. Peters Bone and Joint (St Peters, MO) to diagnose my pain and treatment however, the pain remained for over 18 months. I had X-rays, physical therapy, therapy for home and consistently worked out with a personal trainer however, the pain only got worse. One of the many doctors I saw told me one leg was shorter than the other (not true). Walking up and down stairs seemed to be the worse. Dr. Larkin from St Peters Bone and Joint (St Peters, MO) recommended Accelerated Rehabilitation Center and I received my first Astym treatment. After an intense treatment plan, I can finally run again! I don’t have pain, I can walk up and down the stairs without fear of falling and I don’t experience pain. I am so grateful for the team of people at ARC – they are a wonderful group of people who sincerely cared about getting me healthy again. I have told so many of my friends who suffer from knee pain as well as other pain. I wish more people knew about Astym, Thank you a million times over! Sincerely, Kathleen Anderson

Kathleen, runner and recreational athlete
Canton, MI
Clinic: Accelerated Rehabilitation Ctr, Farmington Hills, MI, Website: www.acceleratedrehab.com

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