Beach Ball – Astym made my calf muscle better than new!

I tore my calf muscle playing beach volleyball over the summer. After a week or so of TLC from my PT, he progressed me to Astym treatments. It felt weird at first and I was unsure of how this would affect my calf muscle. After all, how could this “device” pressing on my skin work on an underlying muscle. I quickly realized that it was the best form of treatment I could have received. Not only did I improve in function, but it decreased my recovery time. I was able to return to playing ball and won best of the net with an undefeated record of the season. Many thanks to my PT and the Astym treatments. Better than New!

Michon, recreational athlete Metairie LA
Orthopedic & Sports Therapy of Kenner,  Kenner, LA, Website:

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