Magic: Astym fixed my shoulder injury, and now is helping my plantar fasciitis

My first experience with Astym was a little over a year ago. While lifting mulch bags when doing gardening I injured my shoulder. Physical Therapy was prescribed. After four or five sessions of traditional PT not a whole lot had changed. My range of motion was still limited and I couldn’t get comfortable at night to sleep. The therapist that had been working with me was out and I had a therapist that did Astym treatment on my shoulder. I’m thinking “yeah right” Like this is going to work!” Well I’m here to say it was like a little magic fairy dust was sprinkled on my shoulder. After three or four sessions my shoulder was as good as gold! I’m currently receiving Astym on my foot for plantar fasciitis. It started a year ago and I got special shoes with inserts, saw a podiatrist, had a cortisone shot (which did NOTHING) and wore a ‘boot’ every night for months. Back to Physical Therapy ONE I went and requested ASTYM. My foot is feeling so much better and I expect to be completed with two more sessions. The therapists at PT ONE are great! I am forever grateful for Astym and the PT ONE therapists.

Georgia, Preschool teacher, Astym patient  Portage, Michigan
Clinic:  Physical Therapy ONE Portage, MI,  Website:

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