Shotgun Arm: Astym treatment rocks!

I decided I needed a shotgun, so I did the reasonable thing and after purchasing one I signed up for safety classes. The instructor showed me how to handle the gun, and after a couple of hours of instruction he asked me to shoot the gun. I fired off a couple of shots without a problem and then on the third shot my arm felt the pain! That was the end of the lesson.The pain increased to the point of me not sleeping, and I was in intense pain for several months until my Orthopedic doctor sent me to FIT PHYSICAL THERAPY. Once there the therapist used the usual methods to decrease my pain. The therapy wasn’t working and then my wonderful therapist used Astym treatment! Amazing!!! After the second treatment my pain was subsiding, and I was able to sleep at night without the throbbing in my arm. After a few more treatments my pain was totally gone! I would highly recommend Astym therapy to anyone! The therapist at FIT ONE is amazing and he explains the entire process ahead of time so a patient knows exactly what to expect. It was a painless process and the results were beyond belief. I have been pain free in my arm since finishing the treatment. ASTYM TREATMENT ROCKS!!!

Maggie, Astym therapy patient, high school teacher, Redding, California

Clinic: FIT PHYSICAL THERAPY, Redding, California, Website:

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