Hallux valgus, bunion in foot on grass background

Astym therapy really improved my surgery results – not life or death, but a life improved!

I recently had a bunionectomy on my right, and then left foot. My surgeries went well, but one was much more invasive and complicated, as the bunion was worse (left foot). My right foot was done first and began to heal well immediately. My left foot, however, didn’t heal as well. The swelling never went down as far as it should have and the mobility in my big toe joints never got to where it was expected to. My surgeon recommended physical therapy. I sought help at Work Systems Rehab and Fitness in Des Moines and Jon Schultz did amazing work with Astym therapy not only on my mobility, but also on the appearance of my scar.  I was amazed at the result! My foot feels better and I no longer am self-conscious about the appearance of the scar that my surgery left behind!

Amanda, Astym patient Des Moines, Iowa
Clinic: Work Systems Rehab and Fitness, Des Moines, Iowa, Website:  www.worksystemspc.com

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