Astym Therapy for Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

In April 2010, I developed severe tibial tendon dysfunction very abruptly in my left foot. I checked out surgical options and wasn’t pleased that they would fuse bones. I decided to look for other options. I could barely walk & my painful foot continued to stiffen up. I found Astym therapy a few months into looking for options. The very 1st treatment loosened my foot significantly and improved my limp. I used Astym therapy to keep my foot in line while continuing my search. I found a different surgery option in July 2011. This did include a tendon transplant. Eventually, Astym therapy became part of the recovery treatment as well. My surgeon commented that my recovery went very well, and I feel that Astym therapy helped with it. I have mild tibial tendon dysfunction in my right foot now and still need to keep my left foot strong. I exercise them daily, but once a year I will get Astym treatment to enhance the strength in both feet. I do several visits in a row, once a year, and my strength is improved at the end of the sessions. I would recommend this for pain, flexibility and strength enhancement. It also may have speeded up healing. My surgical results were better than expected!

Nancy, formerly disabled and unable to walk on my foot, Pittsburgh, PA
Clinic:  Hess Physical Therapy, Crafton and McKees Rocks PA   Website:

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