Astym therapy helped my ankle sprain

Several months ago while on a walk, I stepped off a curb and rolled my ankle causing me to fall to the ground. I was able to walk on it but over a period of a few weeks my ankle became stiff and caused me some discomfort. I was frustrated as I am fairly active and on my feet a lot with my job as a registered nurse. I mentioned it to our work comp physical therapist and he told me about Astym treatment, and thought it might help me. I made an appointment and saw Jon Schultz, PT, ECS, OCS, and experienced some relief after the first treatment. With exercises and the Asytm treatments, I am back to walking every day without discomfort. I would definitely recommend Asytm treatments!

Patti S, Nurse, Conrad, Iowa
Clinic: Work Systems Rehab & Fitness, Des Moines Iowa, Therapist: Jon Schultz, PT, ECS, OCS   Website:


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