Pain pain go away, don’t come back another day. Astym treatment relieved my heel pain.

Before coming to treatment, I was having a lot of pain in my right heel. So much that I could no longer do the things I enjoyed for exercise, such as walking at the park/within my neighborhood. I work in an office all day and every time I would get up, my heel hurt so much. I ignored this pain for a long time thinking I could work through the pain. I finally went to my Podiatrist and he prescribed physical therapy and in the course of treatment, I received Astym therapy. I was told it was like having the fibers of my muscles combed/realigned. At first the Astym treatment seemed very uncomfortable but it only lasts around 15 minutes and by the end of each treatment that uncomfortable feeling dissipates. So that told me that even during each treatment, I was seeing a difference. It definitely helps and you can feel the results. I am now walking on my foot so much better and without constant pain.

Dretta Wiley, Astym patient, Algonquin, IL
Clinic:  Diamond Physical Therapy Algonquin, IL, Website:

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