Chronic Tennis Elbow: Astym therapy makes me feel like I have a new arm

For over two years I had suffered from tennis elbow. Suffering from this made it difficult to do my job of data entry without pain and with anything I did I had to wear a band on my arm to try to relieve the pain. Over two years I had received 6 cortisone shots that only gave some relief. I finally went somewhere new and was offered Astym treatment to help my arm. By the second treatment I could not believe the change in my arm pain and I no longer needed the arm band. I have completed the Astym treatment and I feel like I have a new arm. I am able to work without pain, actually use my arm for things I could not before. I painted a room in my home that I would not have been able to do before the treatment. I would recommend Astym treatment with no hesitation.

Kim, Astym patient, Cleveland, TN
Center for Sports Medicine and Orthopaedics 4625 North Lee Highway,  Cleveland, TN 37312 Phone: 423-697-8862


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