The Simple Act of Sitting, Now Pain-Free due to Astym treatment

Astym treatment has absolutely exceeded my expectations.

I suffered from severe pain in the upper connection point of my left hamstring. The problem limited the time I could sit while attending meetings at work or visiting with friends over an excellent Oregon microbrew. I could only sit for 10-15 minutes before experiencing extreme pain in the back of my upper leg.

It took nearly a year of thinking I could fix the problem myself by staying active through cycling, walking, and careful stretching, but when it starting affecting time spent with my family while watching a movie and even eating dinner. I knew I had to get help.

I starting experiencing relief from the pain within the first three sessions of Astym treatment. I could actually sit for over 30 minutes without pain. This may seem small, but for me it was a huge step forward.

The length of time I was able to sit comfortably has increased throughout my treatments, where now I am able to sit for over an hour without experiencing my previous symptoms.
This means I can take a three-hour drive to visit family without having to stop and stretch multiple times during the trip.

I no longer suffer through meetings where it is inappropriate to stand and walk around. I can spend time with friends and family without fidgeting around making other think I am not interested in being with them.

Audrey, Active Grandmother, Corvallis, Oregon
Clinic:  Therapeutic Associates  Website:

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