Quad Pain: Astym therapy got me back into the game

I have had problems with my quadriceps muscle and tendon as well as with other tendons. I was having difficulty going down stairs, squatting, decelerating after sprints and all around discomfort. I was referred to Frank Romney, P.T. to receive ASTYM treatments. Within 3 treatments I noticed a significant increase in range of motion and a lot of the pain and discomfort had started to go away. By the 6th treatment most of the pain was gone and I was back to my usual workout regime. I would recommend ASTYM treatment to athletes or anyone trying to improve the everyday wellbeing. For any athlete trying to rejuvenate sore tendons, muscles and ligaments I recommend this for you.

Jo Jo Sawyer, age 26
NFL Free Agent
Clinic:  Northern Physical Therapy Services, South Ogden, Utah,  Website: www.northernphysicaltherapyservices.com
Therapist:  Frank Romney, PT, MOMT,Astym-certified

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