Post-surgery: Astym therapy really helped in recovery

Trying to minimize my chances of inflammatory breast cancer I elected for removal of both breasts. I later had a tram-flap surgery where they cut across my tummy and manipulated my skin and muscles up to make new breasts. I had a horrific incision from side to side. Astym therapy helped heal me and I have now a flat scar; no bumps or roughness. I have mobility back in my tummy again! I can exercise and it has returned me back to my prior level of functioning. I would recommend Astym to others to help with any medical/physical problems that they might benefit by using this procedure.

Mary L. Langenberg, Astym patient/active person, Hoskins, NE
Clinic: Norfolk Physical Therapy 1220 West Benjamin Avenue Suite 4 Norfolk, NE 68701 Phone: 402-371-9707 Website:

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