Astym therapy again proven effective for tennis elbow

More support for Astym therapy has just been published.  A study on chronic tennis was conducted and published by Emily Slaven, PT, PhD, OCS, FAAOMPT, who is a University of Indianapolis Assistant Professor and a clinician at Franciscan St. Francis Health (Mooresville, IN). 

In this case, tennis elbow was assessed over a 2 week period to establish a baseline in PFGS and VAS measurements, and then stretching, strengthening and Astym therapy were applied through the phases of the study, and clinically meaningful and statistically significant improvement in grip strength and pain reduction was achieved. Slaven EJ. The role of the Astym® treatment in the management of lateral epicondylosis: A single-case research design. Orthopaedic Physical Therapy Practice. 2014;26(1):44-48.

For a full listing of research on Astym therapy, including a link to research summaries, visit 

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