Astym Miracle after total knee replacement

After a total knee replacement and a broken bone in my left knee, inflammation set in. I endured much swelling, lots of pain, which even woke me up at night, my doctor sent me for PT. They started me off with heat, coconut cream, and then the Astym therapy. Yep, it really hurt, but each time it was done, the pain decreased . The inflammation decreased rapidly. I know , without a doubt , the Asytm therapy was the reason for my speedy recovery. Thank you SO much Asytm!!

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  1. I had a TKR about a year ago 10/23/14. Went through the usual therapy, still had crunching and pops in my knee. Last week, with the crunching still there, swelling and just the creeps from the crunch, my Doctor sent me back to PT, where they recommended Astym. 3 sessions later, and I am doing better. Astym and untrasound with a little exercize, and the crunching is less. I still have 2 more weeks to go (6 visits), can’t wait, I know the astym is helping. Thank you !

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