Astym therapy and Me: positive results

My experience with Astym therapy was a positive one. From the use of the cocoa butter (it smelled good), to the pressure being applied to correct muscle tissue, it was all a positive experience and also for the benefit of my ankle health. Before coming to Diamond Physical Therapy, I was unfamiliar with Astym therapy and what it did/what it was for. After the first session I immediately saw why it was used as a rehab technique. The swelling in my ankle decreased significantly after that first session. It became my favorite part of therapy! It, after all, didn’t require much effort on my part. Overall Astym treatment was a positive experience and it is fits in with your therapy, it should at least be tried out. Thank you, Andrea!

Jacob Bybee
Clinic where I was treated:  Diamond Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc. 1140 East Algonquin Road
Algonquin, IL 60102 Phone: 847-854-0196 Website:

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