Amazing Results with Astym Therapy

So I’ve got this numbing and tingling in my left foot for about 6 weeks. Then the experts at Diamond Therapy decided to try Astym treatment on my left leg. They noticed that my outer thigh and calf were awfully tight. At the start of treatment it was amazing how bumpy the outer thigh felt. I asked my therapist, Andrea, about Astym treatment as she worked on my leg. She talked about the value and result of Astym therapy and the research.  And lo and behold, it worked. Wow! Maybe, I thought, I won’t need back surgery after all. So in conclusion Astym therapy  really works. But mainly because my therapist totally understands how to administer highly effective and lasting results.

Matt Halstein
Clinic where I was treated: Diamond Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc. 1140 East Algonquin Road Algonquin, IL 60102
Phone: 847-854-0196 Website:

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