Groin pain radiating to lumbar area: Nothing helped until Astym therapy

Experiencing frequent quick painful “catches” in groin area causing me to lose my balance and unable to move until I positioned my leg by hand inward to put ” it felt like back into socket”.
I could be walking along and all of a sudden I felt like my hip displaced out of the socket and many times losing my balance and falling. Nothing serious was revealed on SI x-rays or MRI. Had injections of steroids, PT series, nothing helped until I had Astym Therapy. One of the PT found a pad of tissue in an old incisional area on one of my x-rays which had been overlooked by Dr’s and adhesions which had developed from a old pelvic fracture in a serious car accident.
Since Astym Treatment, the pain, and catches in my groin or SI area are corrected…I actually told my Dr., I think I needed a hip replacement but was wanting to try one more round of PT…told him someone had recommended this Therapist who is certified to do Astym Therapy. It has made a big difference in my back pain also..I am a totally new person...I now am walking 3times a week 1-2 miles after 5 years .

Ramona junge
Clinic where I was treated: Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center 800 West 9th Street Jasper, IN 47546 Phone: 812-996-682


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