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Why didn’t I try Astym therapy earlier?

My life was full of activity. Aerobics, races, yoga and swimming. Then the pain began and I began to stop each activity as the pain increased to chronic pain nearly 24 hours a day. Even trying to comb out my hair after shampooing, caused discomfort. Jeanette has uncovered many sources of this pain, even to old scars that have contributed to my numbness and pain as I tried to go about my daily chores. I experienced some relief right away and am grateful for her expertise. My hope is to return to swimming and yoga at the beginning of 2015.

Stevie j Horton
Clinic where I was treated: Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center 800 West 9th Street Jasper, IN 47546 Phone: 812-996-682

Dr Poirier, Memorial Hospital
Loogootee, Indiana

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