Finally some relief from pain with Astym therapy

I am 27 years old and suffer from chronic lower back pain. I had back surgery on Feb 11, 2014. That did not ease the pain, when the doctor recommended physical therapy I was a little hesitant. Because it has never helped in the past. The first session I went and Jeanette Elliot PT used Astym therapy on my lower back and legs, which I might add didn’t feel well at all. After a couple more sessions I would have relief longer and longer. Then I would have relief for days in a row. Before Astym therapy I could barely walk. Now, I can walk some days pain free and actually live my life. The Astym treatment was the only one that seemed to show any progress for me.

megan mitchner
Clinic where I was treated: Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center,  800 West 9th Street
Jasper, IN 47546 Phone: 812-996-0682
Website:  Treating Clinician:  Jeanette Elliot PT

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