Injury to calf: Astym therapy really helped

I hit my calf on a trailer hitch and received a huge hematoma. Started having twinges and tingling in right calf down to the foot. Saw foot Dr. said I had plantar fasciitis. After about a year I was sent to see a neurologist. He said I have neuropathy so he gave me a medication to use. Foot doctor also put me on medication. Coming to Diamond Physical Therapy and receiving the Astym treatment the tingling and throbbing has greatly diminished. I have not had any trouble sleeping at night. I do not get the cramping in the leg or foot anymore.

Sue Ihssen

Clinic where I was treated: Diamond Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc.    1140 East Algonquin Road
Algonquin, IL 60102 Phone: 847-854-0196

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