She saved my foot! Severe stiffness and pain was relieved with Astym therapy

Laura Dickinson helped me tremendously with Astym therapy. I had 3 foot surgeries on my left foot and was in terrible pain. I was maimed for a year and a half! I had severe stiffness and nerve pain that was extremely sensitive and Astym therapy was the solution! After only a couple of treatments it became less sensitive to it’s world, at the end of treatment I was able to wear a shoe again. Sometimes to this day I refer back to the treatment and will massage my foot and it remembers the Astym therapy and returns to normalcy. I am very grateful.

Kelli Lewandowski-King
Treating Clinician:  Laura Dickinson,                                                               Mid-Nebraska Physical Therapy and Sports Center
120 West Leota Street
North Platte, NE 69101
Phone: 308-534-0999

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