Chronic Low Back Pain is fixed with Astym therapy

Chronic Low Back Pain Gone Thanks to Astym Therapy

I have suffered from dysfunctional SI joints and related and associated pain for close to the last 8 years. I started PT at Momentum about halfway through this current pregnancy, which had really aggravated the SI pain and dysfunction. After only one Astym treatment, I was feeling infinitely better than just the PT exercises alone had been making me feel. I have since undergone several more Astym treatments and each time, I notice a more marked improvement in the way I feel and the way I am able to move to chase after my 2 year old. After the first treatment, I was amazed at how much better I was feeling and after each subsequent treatment, I am continually amazed! My range of motion is so much better, I am sleeping better at night, and I have fewer occurrences of stuck/rotated SI joints. I am a firm believer in Astym treatment and will forever sing its praises!

Jamie Scherz
Treating Clinic: Momentum Physical Therapy
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    1. Hello Dorian:

      Astym treatment is a therapy treatment that regenerates healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.), and eliminates or reduces unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions.

      Astym treatment is highly effective for restoring movement and reducing pain from soft tissue injury/dysfunction, and Astym treatment even works when other approaches routinely fail. One of the main reasons for this is that Astym therapy was designed to target the underlying cause of many soft tissue problems, rather than just trying to relieve symptoms.

      Astym therapy is unmatched in its ability to resolve tendinopathies, scar tissue problems, and other soft tissue dysfunctions. Here are some of the specific diagnoses where patients have demonstrated excellent clinical results when treated with Astym therapy:

      • Lateral epicondylosis, chronic lateral epicondylitis
      • Carpal tunnel syndrome
      • DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis
      • Wrist sprain
      • Plantar fasciopathy/heel pain/chronic plantar fasciitis
      • Achilles tendinosis and chronic achilles tendinitis
      • Shin splints
      • Patellar tendinosis, chronic patellar tendinitis/tendonitis (jumper’s knee)
      • IT band syndrome
      • Chronic hamstring strain
      • Joint contractures
      • Overuse injuries
      • Pain or loss of motion & function following surgery, trauma or overuse injury

      A full listing of diagnoses that have been monitored and the outcomes (treatment results) tracked is available to the public on the Research Page of the website. Also, a video snippet of Astym therapy is available at

      More patient information can be found at

      We hope this helps.

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