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Astym therapy gave me relief from Carpal Tunnel

I had been suffering with a substantial amount of tingling and numbness in my left hand for almost a year. This started out as just happening through the night, then moved to happening also through the day time also. I visited with a doctor at my Sports Medicine Clinic, and after having nerve testing on my wrist, I was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel. The surgery went very well, I was healing up nicely, and the tingling and numbness was gone. Approximately 6 weeks after the surgery, I noticed a slight tugging and pain when pressure was put on my palm. The doctor explained that I had pivotal pain, and could use physical therapy, to increase blood flow to my palm. I had physical therapy done at Mid-Nebraska Physical Therapy with Laura Dickinson. Laura was awesome at explaining how Astym therapy works and about the treatments. Astym therapy initiates your body’s own healing process. After 6 weeks of therapy my hand feels so much better, I can’t thank Laura enough for her help.

Crystal Lee
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