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Mastering Stairs/Riding a Bicycle

I have been suffering from chronic knee pain for many years due to various reasons not the least of which is arthritis damage resulting from previous injuries. I had total knee replacement surgery on my right knee on September 19. After some home health physical therapy visits, my surgeon sent me to APEX for more “aggressive” treatment. Up until this time, I had to take steps like a baby, couldn’t drive, and getting on a stationary bike was out of the question. On my third visit I received Astym treatment and was amazed at the changes, not immediately, but that evening I took my first stairs, down, one at a time, in more than several years. That was a milestone. I could also get in and out of the car easily and began driving again. I received another treatment on my next visit and soon added the stationary bike to my routine. My thigh is betting better, and I am not only reaching but surpassing my weekly goals in physical therapy.

I had never heard of Astym therapy prior to this experience but I can attest to the success in my case.

Jan Larson
Apex Physical Therapy
110 Northeast 2nd Place, Suites 105 & 106, Cape Coral, Florida


After knee replacement, Astym therapy improved my movement and decreased the scar tissue

I had both knees totally replaced. The right in Feb 2016. It went so well and I recovered so quickly that I was able to go back to work in 2 months. I didn’t have much pain or swelling. The physical therapy went well also. I had the left knee done in Oct 2016 and thought it would go the same, but it didn’t. The left knee developed some scar tissue that made it difficult to get the degree of bending that I got with the right one. The physical therapy was tougher and more painful. My Therapist (Ella Bule) was great. She started doing astym therapy to help the scar tissue to loosen so I could get that better range of motion. After the 1st session I was in a lot of pain, but it was a good pain. I could feel it working the next day. I had 6 treatments and I was able to be released from physical therapy because the astym treatments helped me reach my degree goal.

Caroline OBrien
Treating Clinic: Carolina Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine Center
Physical Therapy & Rehab, 2345 Court Drive
Gastonia, NC 28054 Phone: 704-865-0077
Website:  www.carolinaorthopaedic.com

Astym therapy after surgery improved movement, relieved pain

This is my second round of physical therapy for the surgery that was performed on my right big toe on December 26, 2014. The range of motion was very limited and painful in my normal stride. After consulting with a different podiatrist and my physical therapist, I agreed to 3 more months of physical therapy including Astym therapy. The Astym therapy that I received on my entire lower leg, ankle and foot improved my function, range and pain level 80%!! At first the treatment would last the rest of the day. As the therapist continued the time increased to two days and a whole weekend. It’s not 100% but my range has improved from 35 degrees extension to 47! I looked forward to the treatment because I knew it was making so much positive difference.

Treating Clinic: Diamond Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc.
1140 East Algonquin Road, Algonquin, IL 60102
Phone: 847-854-0196 Website: www.dptrehab.com

Knee Replacement Gone Wrong: Astym therapy after surgery got me back into life

Due to a misaligned knee replacement, I lacked 28 degrees of extension in my knee. I could walk, but it was painful, and any time I tried to extend my knee as far as it would go, I had terrible pain, so the extension deficit was getting worse and worse. I saw several orthopedic surgeons who specialized in revisions, and they all said it was too soon for that. I’d had regular PT and it didn’t help. At 51 years old, I thought I was doomed to limited activity, pain, and a significant limp for the long haul.
Since the surgery, I had been keeping up with a knee replacement message board. There were many people in that community whose knee replacements had not gone well and Astym therapy was one of the treatments that had been successful. When I looked online for where I could find a practitioner in my area, I found Jennifer at SERC. I was skeptical, and she didn’t make any promises, but we agreed to try it for awhile and see if it could help.
I felt better after just a couple of treatments, and as we continued, I began to gain extension in my knee. The change was gradual but significant. By the end of our treatment, I had gained 17 degrees of extension, had almost no pain with walking, and significantly increased the strength in that leg.
I am a homemaker, and before Astym therapy I had to have someone else clean my house, and most of the time I had to ride the mororized cart at the grocery store. If I tried to shop on my feet, I would come home and spend the rest of the day icing my knee, hip, and ankle. Now, I can do all of the things I need to do, and usually there is little pain involved. My knee is still misalligned, and I still can’t take long walks or shop all day. But I am thankful that I can now do everything I NEED to do, and it doesn’t take me days to recover! I’m back to getting great exercise in the pool, and I no longer have to miss out on thrift shopping with friends. Thank you, Astym, for proving those surgeons wrong!

Suzanne Holland
Treating clinic:  SERC Metro North clinic, 7932 N. Oak Trafficway, Suite 212, Kansas City, MO 64118.   Phone: 816-420-8251                       Website:  www.serctherapy.com