Our Commitment To You

We’re In This Together.

A letter from the medical director

We understand providing the best patient care and continuing your education while staying safe is of utmost importance.

We want you to have a great certification experience and feel safe during your course – that’s why we’ve developed an extensive response to COVID-19 that includes enhanced procedures to help reduce the spread of germs. We’re all in this together and by working together you can safely and confidently attend an Astym certification course.

As a company, we’re in close contact with our Astym therapy host facilities about these enhanced procedures and have set a number of policies in place. All host facilities are required to have gloves, hand sanitizers, and extra cleaning materials available during lab and lecture. We also provide backup materials (masks, gloves, sanitizing wipes) if there is a shortage.

Your health & safety is paramount.
We continue to follow strict guidelines and recommendations set by the CDC as well as state and local governments. For all Astym courses, we request participants, associates, and instructors to bring their own masks to the live course. (Note: Since each course location has different recommendations, we discuss proper guidelines with hosts and ensure all parties are following federal, state, and local recommendations that are in place.)

As everyone adapts to this new normal in the healthcare industry, many of you are sharing life-changing encounters while serving your patients. Thank you for sharing these stories as they inspire us to continue helping you better serve your community by providing expert care.

We’re looking forward to a time when these policies and procedures can be lightened, but until then, we’ll work together to create an invaluable educational experience.



Thomas L. Sevier, MD, FACP, FACSM
Medical Director of the Astym Program

What You Can Expect

When Attending An Astym Certification Course

Extra Sanitization

All courses will have cleaning products and alcohol wipes available to reduce the spread of germs.

Face Coverings

All participants and instructors are requested to wear face coverings while attending the course.

Gloves During Labs & Practice

Astym therapy requires hands-on training and request host facilities to have gloves available during labs.

COVID-19 Response FAQs

Is there a new cancellation policy due to coronavirus?

The cancellation policy allows you to cancel up to 14 days prior to the course. We understand with an everchanging environment, this may not be possible. Due to this, we’ve waived the $250 administration fee for certain participants that reach out to us prior to the course about their absence.

If we are not notified of your lack of attendance or a last-minute cancellation occurs, your absence will be up to the discretion of the executive committee for review.

Per usual, Performance Dynamics, Inc. (PDI) reserves the right to cancel a training course at any time and will issue a full refund. PDI reserves the right to alter dates, times, locations, content, and faculty to accommodate unexpected needs. PDI cannot be responsible for expenses incurred by registrants if the program is canceled or altered.

How do I reschedule my course?

If you’d like to move your registration, please contact our office at (765) 751-2341 or email astymcertification@astym.com and we’ll discuss alternative options for your certification.

What happens to my online testing if I have to cancel?

If your course is canceled or you can’t attend the live portion of your certification, your online testing and registration will be saved for up to 30 days after cancellation. You will not have to re-register for a new course or re-do portions of the online testing if you find a new course within this allotted time.

Please contact our office at (765) 751-2341 or email astymcertification@astym.com if you’re unable to attend the course and we’ll discuss alternative options for your certification.

My company has a travel ban due to COVID-19, can I move my registration to a later date?

Yes, we can move your registration! You will not have to re-register for a different course. If you’d like to move your registration to a later date, please contact our office at (765) 751-2341 or email astymcertification@astym.com and we’ll discuss alternative options for your certification.

Do I need to do anything special before the course?

As a reminder, all online coursework MUST be completed prior to attending the live on-site training portion of your certification. After submitting your registration, you’ll receive course information on attendance, what to wear, meals, testing, and practical exams.

Remember to pack your face covering/mask for the live on-site training portion of your certification!

If you have any further questions, please contact our office at (765) 751-2341 or email astymcertification@astym.com.


If you have any questions regarding these policies and procedures, please contact us.