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About Our Organization

We Started Because We Believe In The Idea of A Better Life

Astym treatment was researched and developed through a collaboration between large hospitals, major universities, and respected research institutions.

Practicing healthcare professionals and investigative scientists worked together to develop the specifically designed Astym therapy protocols and instruments with the goal of advancing healthcare and improving the lives of patients. We enjoy publishing stories from patients about how Astym therapy has restored their movement, removed pain, and given them their lives back. These stories inspire us to make Astym therapy accessible to as many people as possible.

Astym treatment is part of our larger commitment to healthcare providers. The Astym program is a comprehensive approach to musculoskeletal care and has been partnering with clinics across the nation for years. We’re committed to helping healthcare providers get the most out of their practice by allowing them to engage more with their patients by assisting in other aspects of their practice, such as clinical support, ongoing advanced education, and marketing assistance for their entire clinical career. The Astym program has created a community of elite therapists dedicated to enhancing the lives of their patients and elevating the field of rehabilitation.

Meet Your Astym Instructor Team

We created Astym therapy to heal patients and enable providers.

“Talking about theory and research with some of the greatest medical and scientific minds is always uplifting. That is how Astym treatment began, and I am excited to see what further developments may occur.”

Thomas L. Sevier, MD, FACSM
Medical Director, Performance Dynamics, Inc.

Why Clinicians Love Astym


Over 10,000

independently collected outcomes


Over 35

peer-reviewed, published clinical studies and scientific articles

There are many things to love about the Astym program. Clinicians love that with an Astym certification, they can treat a variety of tough musculoskeletal conditions and soft tissue dysfunctions, which they had little to no success treating without Astym therapy. Astym therapy’s evidence-based protocols make providers the go-to clinicians in their area for high quality care and top-level therapy.

Clinicians that implement the Astym program in their clinic see the business benefits almost immediately, like new referral sources, expanded markets, new patient populations, and increased social media activity. Astym therapy makes marketing easy and allows clinicians to spend less on marketing and still see better results.

better results. happier patients. unmatched evidence base. more referrals.
Why Patients Love Astym


immediate increase in strength


of patients improved with Astym therapy after they had failed with previous treatment(s)


of patients receiving Astym treatment reported their pain improvement to be Excellent/Good


of Astym patients report a positive patient experience

Astym therapy resolves tough injuries and conditions, even when other treatments have failed. It treats the cause, not just the symptoms. Astym therapy is safe, effective, and non-invasive, meaning no injections and no surgery. As a patient, you’re encouraged to stay active between treatments and can keep doing what you love with no recovery time.

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Blended Learning

Online work before live course

8 hours/day for in-person portion

6-10 hours to complete online work

Eligible for up to 29.25 CEUs




1:1 exams with instructors via Zoom

Access for 60 days

Up to 28 hours to complete

Eligible for up to 28 CEUs


The value of the Astym Certification remains the same whether a clinician has been certified through our hybrid learning experience or our online course experience. Both educational opportunities require intensive online training and interactive practical exams with an Astym Certified Instructor.