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How It Works

How Astym® Therapy Works:

An Overview For Providers

Effectively treating chronic tendinopathy and scar tissue is a challenge many therapists face. Astym therapy is proven to be consistently safe and effective – even when nothing else works. This comprehensive program has helped a range of clinical settings broaden treatment types, expand patient pools, and improve overall patient experiences. As a result, Astym Certified therapists enjoy increased referrals, better outcomes, and spend less time worrying about the right treatment plan for many of their patients.

Engages Regenerative Mechanisms

Succeeds where other methods fail

Reduces scar tissue

Leverages body's healing ability

Faster patient recovery times

Noninvasive procedure

“Better Results, Period.”

“Astym Certified clinicians get better results, period. Astym therapy is a market driver and a key part of our operation.”

Mark Huslig, Administrative Director, Therapy Services

Meet Astym Therapy’s 2-Part Formula

A Crucial Combination That Yields Excellent Results

The Instruments

Astym therapy instruments are specifically designed to maximize the effectiveness, efficiency, and safety of the Astym process – for both you and your patients.

  • Ergonomic and light-weight design for one-handed, stable application
  • Proven in multiple controlled clinical trials and over 10,000 independently collected outcomes from across the country.
  • Registered medical devices with the FDA
  • Eliminates awkward grips that could lead to overuse injuries and chronic pain in the hands
  • Developed through scientific study and designed to complement the protocols of Astym therapy

The Provider

Why put your reputation at risk: Don’t waste your time and money buying tools that don’t improve your results or your reputation. Instead go for a treatment that works, builds your practice and your reputation, and gives you a lifetime of clinical/practice support and advanced education.

Astym therapy is about more than just the instruments – it was developed through rigorous scientific study and is backed by peer-reviewed research and systematic reviews. In addition to your certification and the instruments you receive, you also have access to ongoing clinical and practice support, online advanced and specialty education, professional marketing materials, and more.

A Solution Unlike Any Other

Become The Go-To Solution In Your Area

By Adding Astym Therapy To Your Practice


Get Registered

Enroll in an Astym Certification Course

Choose a course and program plan that works best for you. During registration you can choose to register as an individual provider or if your company already has Astym therapy, you can register as an employee or affiliate of a clinic. Is Astym therapy new to your clinic? Please contact us and we’ll get your company set up to provide Astym therapy.


Get Certified

Get Certified In Just 2 Days

Astym therapy certification courses are hybrid learning experiences consisting of online education and on-site training. The online coursework covers topics like anatomy, biomechanics, and basic protocols, which will prepare you for more advanced instruction at your on-site training.


Get Results

Become The Go-To Clinician In Your Area

After certification, start treating immediately and become the next go-to clinic in your area! Enjoy increased referrals, better outcomes, and less wasted time and resources.

Start Changing Lives Today

Working in an ever-changing healthcare environment can be daunting. With the Astym program, you’ll be ready for whatever comes your way by treating more conditions effectively and delivering better outcomes at lower costs.

  • Recognition as the go-to clinician for high quality care
  • Become an expert in soft tissue treatment
  • Provide the only regenerative medicine in rehab