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How long does an Astym treatment session take?

On average, an Astym treatment session is around 15-30 minutes depending on your injury or condition. Most conditions resolve after 4-5 weeks of treatment and therapy.

Is Astym therapy right for me?

Astym therapy helps countless people each day. However, whether it is right for you can only be determined by your healthcare providers. It’s important to be properly evaluated by a trusted medical professional and consult with them before deciding on a course of treatment. Search your city or zip code and contact an Astym Certified provider in your area to see if Astym therapy is right for you.

Can Astym therapy be uncomfortable?

The treatment you receive should always be within your tolerance, and you should talk with your certified provider and be honest about your experience – that will help you get the best results.

Does Astym break up scar tissue?

While some treatments focus on misguided attempts to mechanically break apart scar tissue, Astym treatment focuses on activating the regenerative mechanisms of the body by using scientifically developed protocols to engage the body to resorb problematic scar tissue and stimulate healing of soft tissues.

Will my insurance pay for Astym therapy?

If your insurance plan includes physical and occupational therapy, Astym therapy should be covered by your insurance. If your plan does not include physical and occupational therapy, talk with your therapist about other payment options.

How do I know if my therapist is an Astym Certified provider?

All Astym Certified clinicians are required to go through advanced education and the certification process in order to provide Astym therapy to their patients. We keep a full directory of Astym Certified providers on our website. In addition, all certified therapists use specially designed instruments labeled with the “Astym” logo. Most of these instruments are blue, but some are transparent.

What if I can’t find an Astym Certified provider near me?

If you have a local therapist or physician that you would like us to help you educate on Astym therapy, please send us their contact information, and we will follow up with them and encourage a therapist to attend an Astym certification course. Physicians often ask the therapists they work with to become certified in Astym therapy.

In the meantime, newly certified therapists are frequently added to our growing list of providers. Please check back regularly on the Find a Provider page of our website.

I want to try Astym therapy, who should I talk to about my specific condition?

It is important to be properly evaluated by a trusted healthcare professional to obtain the right diagnosis and then consult with those professionals before deciding on the best course of treatment for you and your specific situation.

To talk about recovery plan options, we recommend contacting an Astym Certified provider to learn more. Click here to contact an Astym Certified provider near you.

Is Astym therapy offered outside of the United States (USA)?

Currently, most of Astym therapy providers are concentrated in the United States, since this is where the treatment originated. Although training courses are usually held in the US, international therapists are welcomed to attend these courses.

How much does it cost for me to get treated with Astym therapy?

For your specific condition, please contact a provider near you and talk with them about pricing and plans available for you.

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The value of the Astym Certification remains the same whether a clinician has been certified through our hybrid learning experience or our online course experience. Both educational opportunities require intensive online training and interactive practical exams with an Astym Certified Instructor.