IASTM is not Astym® Therapy.

No other treatment in physical therapy matches the power of Astym therapy

What’s the difference between Astym Therapy and IASTM?

Astym Therapy

Astym is a safe, proven method that was developed and tested by major hospitals and universities. With over ten thousand documented real world outcomes, it delivers reliable results. Astym certified providers achieve a 96.5% success rate even when other treatments have failed.


IASTM (Graston, Gua Sha, muscle scraping, etc.) is a generic term that refers to a range of trial and error and archaic methods that attempt to break down scar tissue through scraping techniques. IASTM has been shown to be ineffective by peer-reviewed research. Patients can experience pain, bruising, and “road rash” as a result.

Excellent Results 96.5% success rate

Safe, comfortable application

Instruments are FDA-registered medical devices

Patients are happy and feel better often immediately after treatment

Level I research concludes it is effective and safe

Scientifically developed, proven protocols

Stimulates the body’s natural healing process at a cellular level

Developed and supported by medical professionals and hospitals

Large amount of high-quality CEUs available

Instructors are master clinicians versed in research

Poor Results shown to be inferior or same as no treatment

Trauma induced by scraping

Tools are not registered with the FDA

Patients complain that they feel worse or injured often after treatment

Research shows treatment is ineffective, with safety concerns

Trial and error with no standard of care

Misguided treatment attempting to break up tissue

Tools are made and sold by anyone to anyone

Few CEUs available (if any)

Teachers often with limited experience/education

“Better Results, Period.”

See what professionals are saying about Astym therapy

“Astym certified clinicians get better results, period. Astym therapy is a market driver and a key part of our operation.”

Mark Huslig, Administrative Director, Therapy Services

“I have been a therapist for 21 years and have been to more courses than I can count. I feel as though someone has just given me a huge piece that my puzzle was missing. I can’t thank you enough. Excellent job, excellent presentation, excellent therapists.”

Kim S.

“The education and training with the Astym program is a real game-changer… I learned practical, advanced knowledge to use every day that I would never have found anywhere else.”

Angela McGilvrey, PT, CEO, Apex Physical Therapy

“I was previously certified in the Graston technique and can state that Graston is instrument assisted massage, and that is it. There is absolutely no comparison between Astym and Graston. Astym is a completely new treatment approach, and it is a misnomer to call it ‘instrument assisted massage.’”

Jim McLean

“The science and data on Astym therapy really make a difference. I have confidence using a treatment that is researched, observed, tested and re-tested.”

Chad Loup, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

“We have all been to courses that said “this will change the way you do therapy” and they just really didn’t make an impact. But Astym therapy is revolutionary. It has really changed the way I practice.”

Kim Johnson

How does Astym therapy work?

Astym is a noninvasive therapy that engages the body’s natural restorative mechanisms. Developed by leading research hospitals and universities, Astym therapy stimulates healing and rebuilds soft tissue.

Astym Certified providers use FDA-registered medical instruments to identify areas of scar tissue causing pain and restricted mobility. Astym therapy stimulates tissue remodeling, and it’s a proven protocol that delivers:

Unmatched outcomes

Faster recovery

Long-lasting results

Increased flexibility

Enhanced muscle performance

Better mobility

Resolves pain quickly

No downtime

Comfortable treatment

The Astym Certification


Astym certification is unlike any course you’ve ever attended. It’s an intensive training program developed from extensive scientific research and led by master clinicians with deep knowledge of soft tissue research.

In Astym certification, you learn the how and why, and become an expert in soft tissue treatment. Online and in-person Astym certification courses are available. No matter which option you choose, certification includes advanced lab-based, hands-on training.

Niche markets made easy

Nothing empowers clinical success like Astym therapy

Grow cash-based business and tap into profitable niche markets, including:



Tennis Players

Pro Athletes



Once you’re Astym certified, you can deepen your skills and expand your practice by taking advanced Astym courses for specific patient groups or conditions.

Course Schedule

Springfield, MO | November 2-3, 2024

Not a course near you? Sign up to never miss out on an Astym course near you or contact us to see if you qualify for on-site training to minimize time out of the clinic and travel expenses.


Blended Learning

Online work before live course

8 hours/day for in-person portion

6-10 hours to complete online work

Eligible for up to 29.25 CEUs




1:1 exams with instructors via Zoom

Access for 60 days

Up to 28 hours to complete

Eligible for up to 28 CEUs


The value of the Astym Certification remains the same whether a clinician has been certified through our hybrid learning experience or our online course experience. Both educational opportunities require intensive online training and interactive practical exams with an Astym Certified Instructor.