Leading PT/OT Education: Duquesne University Lights the Way

Leading PT/OT Education: Duquesne University Lights the Way

Astym Therapy added to curriculum

It is a new era in preparing clinicians to be effective therapists. Staying at the forefront of research and innovation is crucial. In recognition that excellence brings rewards, Duquesne’s Physical Therapy program has added certification in Astym Therapy to its curriculum. Going a step further, Duquesne Athletics has certified its entire athletic training staff in Astym. 

Science matters, and that is why Duquesne chose Astym therapy:

Best outcomes in PT.     Empowered clinicians.     Proven reliability.

Benefits for Students Graduating with Astym Certification:

  1. Clinical Expertise: Astym therapy resolves tendinopathy and scar tissue disorders far better than anything out there.  FOTO data shows Astym to be the most effective treatment in PT.
  2. Cutting-Edge Knowledge: Allows students to be confident and highly effective as soon as they graduate. 
  3. Recognition: Having the “AstymCert” credentials immediately upon graduation gives grads their choice of practice/employer.
  4. Ignites Students’ Passion: with the Astym Advanced Application Courses, students can become the most effective experts in treating runners, tennis players, post-surgical patients, TMJ, golfers, and many Cash Pay specialized areas. 
  5. Sets Students up for An Ideal Practice: These Cash Pay Specialties reduce paperwork burdens and increase compensation, which allow for higher satisfaction in their practice and better quality of life.
  6. Next Level Care: Lower volume with higher profit due to niche, cash pay practices offering superior care.

Astym therapy, backed by extensive research and known for its exceptional effectiveness, is set to revolutionize how PT Schools prepare students for immediate competency and success in the treatment of a wide range of musculoskeletal issues. Scientifically developed to resolve tendinopathy and scar tissue dysfunction, Astym is the only true solution for these conditions. Backed by a wealth of clinical studies and research, Astym therapy continues to expand into Advanced Applications for specific patient types and conditions. As Duquesne grounds its education in science, reliability and predictability, Astym therapy fits into the curriculum perfectly.

What is Astym therapy?  Therapists undergo rigorous training to learn scientifically developed protocols, where they use transparent blue instruments to glide across the skin, imparting specific pressures and forces to engage a cellular response from the underlying muscles, tendons and soft tissues.  This stimulates the remodeling of soft tissues and the resorption of inappropriate scar tissue. The science goes well beyond typical education in therapy, incorporating physiology and a broader understanding of musculoskeletal healing.

“Astym targets the source of chronic pain and resolves the underlying problem through strengthening soft tissues. Astym therapy engages the restorative mechanisms of the body, and it is unlike any other approach out there,”  -Thomas L. Sevier, MD

Many therapeutic interventions are simply trial and error, or anecdotally based.  In contrast, Astym therapy is the only truly scientifically developed treatment in therapy – research began from theory, progressed to basic science investigations, then to numerous controlled clinical trials/systemic review and finally wide population studies.  Astym Therapy’s scientific foundation is set to reshape the field of physical therapy, and aligns seamlessly with Duquesne’s commitment to evidence-based practice. Students will learn how to critically analyze research studies, interpret findings, and apply them to real-world clinical scenarios.

Learn more about this innovative program and how integrating Astym certification can contribute to your institution’s mission of evidence-based practice.

Course Schedule

Springfield, MO | November 2-3, 2024

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Blended Learning

Online work before live course

8 hours/day for in-person portion

6-10 hours to complete online work

Eligible for up to 29.25 CEUs




1:1 exams with instructors via Zoom

Access for 60 days

Up to 28 hours to complete

Eligible for up to 28 CEUs


The value of the Astym Certification remains the same whether a clinician has been certified through our hybrid learning experience or our online course experience. Both educational opportunities require intensive online training and interactive practical exams with an Astym Certified Instructor.