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Thomas L. Sevier, MD, Astym medical directorNot long ago, I was invited to speak to the NFL Players Association. The NFL players specifically asked me to speak about Astym therapy, which has increased the  performance and extended the careers of NFL players, and I was invited to help educate those players who had yet to experience the benefits of Astym treatment.
The latest edition of Fixing Your Feet is promoted by Runner's World as having "expert advice on preventing and treating injuries from common plantar fasciitis to extreme jungle rot - and everything in between!" The manual recommends Astym therapy for all tendon injuries and specifically emphasizes that patients should seek out Astym treatment for plantar fasciitis

In Part I of this entry, we discussed some of the most effective treatments for chronic hamstring strains and injuries. Despite being pain-free with typical daily activities, many athletes continue to have pain with their sport several months and even years after a hamstring injury....

Those of you who suffer from chronic hamstring strains know how frustrating this recurrent injury can be. Hamstring strains and injuries typically occur with high-speed activities such as sprinting, soccer, or tennis. As physical therapists, we treat an increased number of hamstring strains as recreational...

Astym treatment routinely resolves chronic plantar fasciitis and heel pain. Here an experienced physical therapist talks about how a 50 year old runner who had suffered with chronic plantar fasciitis for over eight years finally got relief with Astym treatment. The runner had tried other...

Astym treatment routinely resolves chronic Achilles tendinitis/tendonitis and Achilles tendon pain. Here an experienced physical therapist talks about how a runner who had suffered with chronic Achilles tendinitis for over 6 years finally got cured with Astym treatment. Astym is a highly effective Achilles tendonitis treatment...

Maybe you have taken up running, or recently increased your mileage. Things are going great. Your pants are looser, and you feel on top of the world. Then, the side of your thigh or the outside of your knee starts hurting.  You have developed IT...

Elite runners alternate between intensive physical training and recovery to improve performance. However, many runners fail to maintain a balance between intensity of training and appropriate recovery, resulting in a breakdown of tissue reparative mechanisms which eventually leads to overuse injuries. Historically, these injuries have...

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