A Pain In The Butt Is Now Gone Because Of Astym

A Pain In The Butt Is Now Gone Because Of Astym

I developed a limp that eventually turned into tendonitis of the butt. I tried cortisone shots, Pilates, various physical therapies all leading to no improvement. My rheumatologist suggested that I try Astym. She had used it for knee issues and it worked for her.

I could not sit in a car or on a chair watching TV without pain. I could not attend meetings where there were folding chairs. I was carrying a seat cushion everywhere I went. I was getting ready for an airplane trip to Croatia which would be long and painful. The improvement was rapid. After 2 sessions I could drive the 20 minutes home from PT. After 6 sessions I rode in a car 4 hours without pain. I am now ready for that 50th anniversary vacation!

Linda, Astym Patient
Bend, Oregon
Clinic: Therapeutic Associates

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