Astym Helped Fix My Plantar Fasciitis

Astym Helped Fix My Plantar Fasciitis

I would recommend Astym to anyone, and I would seek it out in the future if the plantar fasciitis ever returns. Last year, I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot and it got progressively worse after several months. I could not walk even to the end of my block before the pain became overwhelming. Getting out of bed in the morning and walking to the bathroom was excruciating!

I then went to a podiatrist who put special inserts in my shoes and gave me a shot in my right heel area. That first shot worked great and I was pain-free for three months… but the pain returned! Another shot did nothing to reduce the pain. So, the podiatrist referred me to a physical therapist. The therapist suggested Astym as part of the therapy. By using a combination of Astym and traditional therapy exercises, the pain from plantar fasciitis has been reduced (and often completely gone) so that I can now walk on the treadmill and go to exercise classes again. I am positive that without the Astym, the physical therapy treatments would not have been as successful, nor would they have lasted.

Dian, Astym Patient
Terre Haute, IN
Clinic: Ultimate Fitness

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