Astym Therapy After Surgery Really Helps!

Astym Therapy After Surgery Really Helps!

I am 52 years old, and I had surgery to repair a degenerated shoulder. I started therapy the following day and am now 7 weeks post-op. The muscles around were all knotted up. This was hindering my progress by not allowing me to get my range of motion back, and causing me a lot of pain. My therapist, Ashli, suggested Astym treatment. I just had my second Astym treatment and wow, what a difference!

The knot in my neck is gone, and I have increased my range of motion. The pain has also decreased. Without the Astym therapy, I don’t think I would be able to push myself that little but extra that I need. I’m looking forward to my next therapy appointment and another Astym treatment. I have 4 more therapy sessions left before my doctor releases me and I know the Astym therapy will give me that little bit of edge that I need. I would highly recommend Astym therapy to anyone.

Linda Slover, Astym Patient
Jasper, Indiana
Clinic: Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center

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