Astym Therapy – My Miracle Treatment

Astym therapy resolved leg pain

Astym Therapy – My Miracle Treatment

In February 2014, I slipped and fell on the ice resulting in multiple fractures of my tibia. I had to have surgery which involved inserting a rod from my knee to my ankle and screws to anchor it in (both knee and ankle). After four months of limited mobility, I was still experiencing major swelling in both my knee and ankle and limited mobility. My orthopedic surgeon prescribed normal Physical Therapy and Aquatic Therapy for two months. After the two month treatment, I had very little improvement. The major problem was still swelling in both my knee and my ankle (I couldn’t stand for more than 20 minutes at a time without swelling and pain). My therapist then told me that she was actually being certified the following weekend for Astym therapy and that she said if I was interested in continuing treatment using this new therapy that I should contact my doctor to continue with treatment (which I did). I was my therapists first patient the following Monday.

After the first treatment, I could actually walk at a normal gait and that night I was able to walk in the park with my husband for the first time in months for an hour and I had absolutely no pain and no swelling afterwards. After just three treatments, my knee (which was swollen to the point you could not see my knee cap) returned to the perfectly normal level. There is no way that this would have happened without Astym treatment. After finishing treatment, I can now walk normally again, I can actually go down the stairs the normal way again and I am no longer limping. Astym has changed my life for the better – I can’t imagine not having this treatment. It gave me my mobility, my strength, and honestly my normal life back!

Thank you Maria and Astym for helping me get back to my life!

Tonya Sanchez, Astym Patient
Ottawa, Ohio
Clinic: Northwest Physical Therapy

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