Astym Therapy Works for Plantar Fasciitis

Astym Therapy Works for Plantar Fasciitis

I am 45 years young. I am a runner and have run in 2 half marathons per year for the last 4 years. I started having a problem with plantar fasciitis several years ago. I saw a podiatrist who gave me a painful steroid injection and recommended custom orthotics and professional shoe fitting. I followed all of his advice and was fine for quite awhile. This past spring, I started having a lot of foot and heel pain again, so I went back to the same doctor and got the same treatment as I assumed it would work again. A couple of months later, I went out for a run and made it a quarter mile before I had such pain, I almost couldn’t walk home. I saw a different doctor who recommended Astym Therapy, and WOW! I started therapy about 6 weeks before I was planning to run a half marathon. The therapists at PRORehab allowed and encouraged me to run and participate in my other training activities during my therapy as long as I wasn’t having pain. Within the first week, I was running 5 miles, and after a month, I was up to 10 miles and was able to participate in the half marathon. Astym Therapy is a perfect solution to treating the underlying cause of plantar pain instead of simply treating the symptoms.

Andrea Warren, Astym Patient
Wentzville, Missouri
Clinic: PRORehab

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