Getting Better: Astym Therapy Is Giving Me Relief From My Leg Pain

Getting Better: Astym Therapy Is Giving Me Relief From My Leg Pain

Since 2008 I’ve had two back surgeries, a hip replaced and a broken elbow. I was having very bad pain in my left leg, my leg was also dragging and I started falling. I was never sure from day to day if I would be able to walk.

I had my left hip and knees checked by the surgeon who performed my right hip surgery. The left hip wasn’t ready to be replaced (30% worn down), knees are bone on bone on outside.
Spinal surgeries were checked OK in ex-rays. I started doing exercises at home and physical therapy at a doctor’s office. I started Astym therapy approximately the first week in January 2014. I am no longer having the debilitating leg cramps and spasms I was having. These were so bad that at times I could barely walk.

I received Astym therapy on February 3, 2014 and then on February 12, 2014. I was much more active, standing, and walking outside in very cold weather between these treatments and had no bad cramps and spasms. I am also using my cane less. This has/is giving me hope that I won’t be spending the rest of my life in constant pain or living in fear of falling and breaking something so badly I can’t be put back together as in Humpty Dumpty.

Deborah J. Williams, Astym Patient
Montgomery, Indiana
Clinic: Memorial Hospital & Health Care Center

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