Plantar Fasciitis: Triathlete Magazine Article Recommends Astym therapy

Plantar Fasciitis: Triathlete Magazine Article Recommends Astym therapy

Triathlete MagazineTriathlete magazine discussed chronic plantar fasciitis and how to treat it (“A Heel Up”), and recommended Astym therapy to resolve chronic plantar fasciitis, or plantar fasciosis.  Here is why:

For years, chronic plantar fasciitis was considered an inflammatory condition and treatments were aimed at reducing the inflammation which was thought to be the cause. However, treatment aimed at reducing inflammation to cure plantar fasciitis did not work well. The lack of success of the standard treatments for plantar fasciitis puzzled health care providers, until it was recently discovered that almost all cases of chronic plantar fasciitis are caused by degeneration of the plantar fascia (not due to inflammation as previously thought), and proper treatment should involve stimulating regeneration of the affected tissue. Here is a link to a research article talking about the histologic findings showing degeneration of the plantar fascia in cases of chronic plantar fasciitis.

Astym therapy is one of the very few approaches that focuses on regenerating healthy tissue and unlike other treatments, it does not involve surgery or injections. To find out if Astym therapy is right for you, make an appointment with an Astym certified provider. A listing of all Astym certified providers can be found at Find an Astym Provider.

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