Plantar Fasciitis: Marvelous Results With Astym Therapy

Astym Therapy really helped my knee pain after surgery

Plantar Fasciitis: Marvelous Results With Astym Therapy

I have suffered from plantar fasciitis for well over 30 years. Development of bone spurs have resulted in loss of about 90% of walking ability. Thanks to Ryan Richardson and the team at Benchmark, I may very well be able to avoid surgery. Ryan is truly a dedicated and caring individual who strives to provide excellent care and he SUCCEEDS! I feel better than I have for years. In fact the entire team is fantastic at therapy (Steven Reagan, Renee Boston, and others). Through their combined effort, I have experienced far less pain in the 8 weeks of therapy. Being a VERY pessimistic person, I had doubts as to whether Astym treatment would be successful. It has greatly increased my ability to be more mobile, leaving the cane behind and no longer riding the power scooters at large stores.

Being recently retired, I was becoming highly frustrated at inability to work around home. Now, I can do so much more and feel I will be enjoying retirement much better. Thanks so much for helping to bring a better quality of life to me!

Paul Wilson, Retired Engineering Consultant
Crossville, TN
Clinic: Benchmark Physical Therapy

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