Post-Surgery Stiff Ankle Gets Better From Astym Therapy

Post-Surgery Stiff Ankle Gets Better From Astym Therapy

I had surgery on my ankle to have a ligament repaired and scar tissue cleaned out. After my operation I was very stiff and swollen and I knew that I did not want to go through surgery again. So, it was important to make sure more scar tissue did not built up and also to make sure my ankle stayed strong. A few weeks after surgery, I began physical therapy again. They informed me that they wanted to start Astym treatment. I was nervous that it would hurt and at first it did. Although it was uncomfortable, I started to realize how great it felt after Astym treatment.

My scar was really sensitive and then it improved with Astym therapy. Now the uncomfortable feeling has gone away and I experience relief.

Gina, Astym Patient
Carpentersville, Illinois
Clinic:  Diamond Physical Therapy

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