Ready For Some Football – Astym Cured My Quad Injury

Ready For Some Football – Astym Cured My Quad Injury

Back in May of this year, I suffered an injury to my left quad from lifting. I continued to play thru the injury while treating it with ice each night. I had seen the school athletic trainer who gave me stretches. My parents decided to seek physical therapy for me by July to see if I could see some relief. The physical therapist, Guy Wallace decided to try Astym. After only 6 treatments, I was 75% improved.

Before treatment, I could not even do a gentle quad stretch without intense pain. After the second treatment, I was able to begin to do some of the stretches with less pain. After 10 treatments, I was able to sprint again! My coaches could not believe how much faster I was after receiving Astym. I am so happy to be back at 100% on the field “ready for some football.”

Samuel, High School Athlete
Elizabethtown, KY
Clinic: Physical Therapy Associates, Inc.

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