Road to Recovery: Astym Therapy Helping Leg Pain

Road to Recovery: Astym Therapy Helping Leg Pain

My back and leg pain started in May and hit its worst in June. In July through September I saw a chiropractor three times per week, but not much relief in pain. There were nights I could barely get up the stairs. I started physical therapy in the beginning of October. After 4 weeks, I wasn’t progressing much. Every time I started to feel a little better, the next day the pain would come back. I was beginning to worry that this wouldn’t work either and surgery was next. The end of October, I attended my physical therapy appointment and they decided to try something new–Astym treatment. I had never heard of it but was willing to try anything! It was painful at times and it left some bruises, but after the first time I felt a little better. Each time I received the treatment I felt better and better. Today, I am almost pain free and am hopefully going to be able to get back to exercising and living my active lifestyle again. I truly believe Astym therapy is what began my journey to recovery!

Nicole Crudup
Algonquin, Illinois
Clinic: Diamond Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, Inc.

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