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The latest edition of Fixing Your Feet is promoted by Runner's World as having "expert advice on preventing and treating injuries from common plantar fasciitis to extreme jungle rot - and everything in between!" The manual recommends Astym therapy for all tendon injuries and specifically emphasizes that patients should seek out Astym treatment for plantar fasciitis

After months of walking with discomfort turning into constant pain, my Doctor prescribed physical therapy to treat plantar fascial fibromatosis. Although not the most pleasant of treatments, coupled with ultra sound and stretching it was by far the most effective part of the therapy. After...

I've been going for physical therapy and the Plantar fasciitis pain is gone. I've had this pain for some years and it has been very difficult to walk. Astym therapy really worked for me. I was just discharged today from physical therapy. David Painter, Disabled Army Retired Central...

I have suffered with achilles tendonitis for 2 years. Work and fun time with my husband was just too painful. I tried air casts and all the braces and insoles, but nothing helped! Finally I tried Astym treatment, and in as little as 7 to...

In April 2010, I developed severe tibial tendon dysfunction very abruptly in my left foot. I checked out surgical options and wasn't pleased that they would fuse bones. I decided to look for other options. I could barely walk & my painful foot continued to...

At 49, I had finally started to admit I was going to have to give up running for good. After 13 years of low mileage running, I was to the point of such pain that I couldn't run a 1/2 mile without stopping and stretching....

I would recommend Astym to anyone, and I would seek it out in the future if the plantar fasciitis ever returns. Last year, I developed plantar fasciitis in my right foot and it got progressively worse after several months. I could not walk even to the...

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