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I tore my ACL from playing soccer and Astym treatment took away the swelling and pain. Kari, Recreational Athlete Ankeny, Iowa Clinic: Athletico Physical Therapy...

When pain and range of motion increased following knee replacement, my orthopedist referred me for physical therapy in effort to release scar tissue, the cause of the discomfort. Astym therapy provided relief to this pain after two treatments and now after one month of treatment...

In January 2007, I was in a car accident that nearly took my life. I had a spiral fracture in my left femur, three pelvic fractures, five broken ribs, a punctured lung, Level 3 spleen injury, traumatic brain injury, and a blood infection. I was...

After running my second half marathon in October 2010, I suffered a fractured knee and walked the remaining 4 miles. I had several visits with Dr. Larkin at St. Peters Bone and Joint (St Peters, MO) to diagnose my pain and treatment however, the pain...

I suffered from Patellofemoral Syndrome. The problem has limited me for about six months to a year. I was having instability in my knee and some pain. I realized that I needed to get some help when I tried exercising to a video and riding...

Being a preschool teacher to 14 very active 3 and 4 year olds is a very demanding job. When I began to have difficulty climbing steps, kneeling to tie shoes, and trouble getting up and down off of the floor, I discovered that I had...

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