Tendonitis Recovery – Astym Therapy Is Working

Tendonitis Recovery – Astym Therapy Is Working

I hurt one of my tendons early November 2013. By March of 2014 I had injured two more tendons resulting in inability to lift a simple glass of water! I knew something had to be done. Finally I was checked at my doctor. He thought with the amount of pain and swelling I had broken something. After X-Rays, I was cleared with severe inflammation and told to use a brace and medication for six weeks. There was no improvement and I have been referred to a local hand therapist for Astym therapy. I can definitely say after the first treatment I was in some pain! Oh boy. Thought no way am I going back. But I have completed 5 treatments and notice a huge increase in motion and strength. I can’t wait to get back to normal and I’m confident this will happen thanks to Astym therapy and my awesome therapist!

Jaime, Full Time Mother of 4
Holden, MO
Clinic: SERC Physical & Hand Therapy

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